K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Demands of a Master

Demands of a Master
Erotic BDSM ebook

Tonight Raina must decide if she is willing to submit to Master.  Master has waited a long time for Raina’s submission, and he will be put off no longer.  As she paces nervously, dressing for a night out in public with Master, Raina has yet to make her decision.  Complete submission is new to Raina, and she is unsure of her own readiness for Master.  Teasing Master by pretending that she is ready to submit to him when in fact she is not, is the one thing that Raina knows Master will not tolerate.

Raina had no idea how it had all started, this attraction she had to this kind of man.  She paced nervously about her apartment as she tried to select the right outfit, the perfect outfit to wear tonight.  She had to make him proud of her, proud to be seen with her in public.  Raina knew him only as Master.  She had not planned it, this arrangement she had with Master.  It had just happened, and Raina had liked it.  She had liked it a lot.


In a brief moment of gentleness, Master spoke softly to Raina, “My little one, that was amazing.”  Master smiled at Raina, and she smiled back.  Master was pleased, and Raina was happy and relieved.  Her night with Master was going well.

Master’s moment of sweetness passed quickly, and his admonishment immediately followed.

This erotic BDSM ebook is available at Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the six Apple iBookstores.  Also available in Spanish at Amazon and B&N.

For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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