K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Tangled Web

Romantic Suspense

Trapped within webs of lies, deceit and seduction, escape is elusive, improbable but not impossible.

Cult Train: When the old steam locomotive signals its imminent arrival in the city of Windy Glen, Bella hurries to the rundown station in search of the truth about the long feared iron horse and comes face to face with a man dressed all in black. The young woman questions his motives and taunts him, which angers the quick tempered man. With a little coercion and the offer of a train ride to a place she will never forget, the sexy man lures Bella inside.

Breeders: When Olivia returns to Horseshoe Hills to sell her childhood home, she discovers someone or something living in her house. Family photographs are gone and in their stead are photos of a man dressed in black trousers and a laced up white shirt. Olivia is unaware that she is being watched, and in the eyes of the watcher she is the epitome of the evils of secular society, wearing too much makeup and clothes that leave little to the imagination of her naked form.

Guest House: As the youngest transplant surgeon in the city, Elizabeth Guest is living the dream, but when one of her patients is missing without a trace, her credibility is not the only thing in danger. Learning that a doctor with fake credentials dismissed the young man in her care, she begins an extensive search to locate him, but the few clues she discovers lead her on a perilous journey.

Intentions: Kevin had the best of intentions when he fell in love with Yvette, but he was young at the time and naïve to the ways of the world. Yvette was the daughter of a former KGB officer whose intentions were self-serving and hedonistic. When Kevin is invited to showcase his prized group of musicians at Cyber World, a new theme park eerily designed by Yvette’s father, he fears he may have been led into an international trap.

Michel’s Mansion: When Randa takes a job at the estate of a notorious millionaire, it sounds too good to be true. He informs her that he will be working in his laboratory in the lower level that was once a dungeon, and he makes it clear that he is not to be disturbed. Randa begins her day by arranging the eccentric man’s disarrayed books and makes a disturbing discovery.

Purgatory: After Leah crashes her car into a tree, she remembers nothing of her past. The young physician in the emergency room has been waiting for a woman just like her…beautiful, young, but most importantly a woman to be the test subject for his latest invention. Convincing Leah to travel abroad and to a country where rules are easily bent, the physician’s plan goes well…at first.

Appalachian Liaison: Michael Cartwright is a killer in the fast paced world of high finance and the youngest executive at Marks International. Determined to be a wealthy man, he will do anything to get there. When his boss sends him to Appalachia to shut down coal mines and put thousands of miners out of work, he poses as a fellow miner down on his luck, and quickly wins the trust of the locals.

Royal Rogue: Serena has searched the world for her first lover, the man she is determined to be with again. With a clever disguise, she lands a job in the company owned by none other than the elusive man himself. Traveling the world, his world, yachting and vacationing on the playgrounds of the rich and famous, Serena is charmed by a man who seems too good to be true. Living the high life, the naïve young woman is unaware that her every move is being watched as well as planned.

Coming Home: When Melissa notices the silhouette of a man she recognizes as the man she loved many years ago, old feelings come flooding back instantly, but she has no idea what to say to him. When he approaches her and the two of them begin reminiscing about old times, Melissa learns that this man she loved so many years ago may hold more than her heart. He may hold answers to questions surrounding her past.

“Tangled Web,” sensual romance/romantic suspense by K. Lyn, is available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kobo. Website – http://www.beautobeau.com.

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