K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Least Resistance

Least Resistance
The search for a Master can be exhausting, and finding a Master who can satisfy a woman the way she desires is nearly impossible, but with the right connections it can be accomplished.

The trip had been a long one and Kessa wanted more than anything to sleep, but there was no time. After her weekend with Master, he had given her just enough time to unpack the few things she was going to keep in her tiny apartment. She packed up the remainder of her things and stuffed her car for the drive to her new home. The apartment in the city would one day be sold. Kessa’s life was elsewhere now.

She left the city in darkness, driving for three hours to the forested hills upstate. As she approached the secluded facility that was now her home, she pressed the garage door opener and it appeared that a section of the hill opened. She drove inside and the door closed behind her. Hidden by the blackness of the hills, Kessa locked her car and opened the door to her secretive abode. She flipped the switch and the lights came on one by one. She cleared the desk in Master’s office and tried to make everything look perfect, breathing a sigh of relief when the side door opened.

“You are on time tonight.”

“Yes,” Master replied.

Kessa stood, as was expected, and welcomed the man she knew only as Master.

“Hurry, Kessa, I cannot wait any longer.”

Kessa had made a promise her first night never to deny this man. Master had taken her in every way imaginable that first weekend, and she had never been happier. Kessa’s job claimed much of her time, and when she was away, she never lacked the attention of gorgeous men who wanted to take her home for the night, but she was never tempted. Master made certain that she was sexually satiated before she left on a business trip as well as upon her return home.

In her dreams that night, Kessa began thrashing about in the bed and then she felt the warm body wrap around her. The warmth of Master’s naked form was comforting, as it had always been.

“Wake up, Kessa,” the deep voice commanded.

Kessa wrestled with her dreams and finally shook them from her mind. “Master?”

The big man pulled her onto his naked form, wrapped his arms around her, and said, “Sleep, my love.”

Kessa smoothed her hands along Master’s arms. It was the first time he had mentioned the word love.

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