K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds
Dark shadows follow Jack Black and his brother, Reynold, wherever their lust for beautiful women and hunger for power and control lead them. A scapegoat for their underground sex ring is what they need, and they think they’ve found one in an overzealous surgeon, until a few of his patients mysteriously die.

Dr. Shelborn placed the final suture in the patient and barked the usual orders at the chief resident. The operation had been a complicated one, but he wouldn’t trade places with anyone. This was where he belonged, and he would be damned if he would give up his place without a fight.

The heartland of America was well known for its wide open spaces, family farms, and polite, friendly people. Hardworking and neighborly, no one would have guessed that dark secrets were woven into its fabric. It was in this utopian facsimile that Jack and Reynold Black were strategically making their mark on the world stage. With healthcare in a state of upheaval, the Black brothers’ dream of owning the system outright by the end of the decade would surely become a reality, though they cared little about the quality of health of the citizens. Control and dominance were what they craved. What they needed was an insider willing to do their dirty work, and they knew exactly where to find one.

The hospital administrator agreed to do the Black brothers’ bidding, but not for nothing. He assumed the brothers were being bankrolled by their father, and he wanted his share. Once he had gained their trust, he let them in on his underground operation.

“Gentlemen, meet Sebastian.” Sebastian nodded. “Sebastian has just returned from abroad, bringing with him a priceless commodity. Show them, Sebastian.”

Sebastian brought up a screen that displayed his latest conquest.

“Women? Are you running some kind of sex trade? Because if you are, we want no part of it.”

“Not at all. The women come here of their free will. We match them with husbands they have chosen through our website.”

There was something unsettling about Sebastian, and the brothers were determined to find out more.


Jack rented a house for him and his new bride, and he was in awe of her from the beginning. Baking bread and sewing her own clothes, she fit in well with the natives of the region. The one thing she and Jack hadn’t done yet was consummate their marriage. Jack was afraid to touch such a delicate flower as Tatiana. Having no experience in matters of a sexual nature, Tatiana waited for Jack to guide her, thinking little of his hesitance.

As much as Jack wanted to make love to Tatiana, he knew it would be her first time, and he wasn’t sure if she was ready. He also didn’t know if the two of them would be together very long. Was it fair to Tatiana? She surprised him when she gently touched her fingers to his face, sliding them down to his lips and outlining their fullness. Jack took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He loved what he and his brother had built together and he needed to focus on that. Falling in love had not been part of the plan.

While at work, Jack tried to keep his thoughts about Tatiana in check, but she was distracting him from his original goal. He was falling for the young woman, but he didn’t dare let Reynold know his secret. Sebastian was much more difficult to fool. He watched Jack’s comings and goings with the eyes of an eagle. Tatiana was sweet, grateful and passionate, but more importantly, she was faithful. Any man would be thrilled to have a wife like her, and Sebastian wished he had kept her for himself.

“Dirty Deeds,” erotic romance by K. Lyn, is available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Coffeetime Romance and Kobo. Website – http://www.beautobeau.com.

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