K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Mafia Son


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Time spent with Luci came at a price… a hefty price! She was his dirty little secret!

They were all part of the mafia… an old word for an old world. Operating under the radar, they had their own set of rules and they were absolute. But there was one man who thought he could use the family as pawns in his sadistic game of chess. That man was Sal Bennito. Luci, the only Italian at a boarding school for privileged white girls, was his dirty little secret, his meal ticket, and he planned to punch his card as long as he could.

Bending down, he kissed her full on the mouth in the presence of everyone. She never would have expected such a greeting from Sal Bennito, a man who had risen through the ranks of the underworld. He was monitoring the club that night, as word had gotten around that she was going to be there. She could work the pole like nobody’s business, and Sal had paid a pretty penny for her. They were all part of the mafia… an old word for an old world. But they preferred the word family. It was cozier, less threatening, and if it was a family, Sal Bennito was everybody’s daddy, whether they knew it or not.

She was young, barely of age, and Sal insisted that she live near the club. He arranged for a local boarding school to let her live in one of the dorms and attend classes with the other girls. Arranged meant that he had paid the headmistress to make an exception just for her. Sal paid a lot for what he wanted, if he wanted it bad enough.

The Stratford School was one of a new breed of preppy boarding schools that seemed to have sprouted up overnight in the Northeast region of the U.S. It was a school for girls who had just graduated from high school and were scheduled to attend an elite university, most likely in the Ivy League, following a year or two spent at the boarding school. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that there was really no need for the new schools, but someone’s pockets were being lined with big bills. Rumor was the schools were run by the mafia, but no one said as much. No one dared.

The Stratford School was a school where girls like Luciana were not exactly welcomed with open arms. Dirty Italians were what girls like Luciana were called, so Sal told the school that her name was LeAnn… LeAnn Wentworth. But to the family, LeAnn Wentworth was Luciana Giordano, and when she danced at the club and worked the pole, she was simply Luci.

Watching Luci on the pole was a turn-on to the stodgiest of patrons, and as soon as Luci turned eighteen, she did more than dance for the men. But not for nothing. Time spent with Luci came at a price… a hefty price. She was Sal’s meal ticket, and he planned to punch his card as long as he could.

Mafia Son by K. Lyn Kennedy can be found at Apple, Kobo, B&N, Google, and Amazon. K. Lyn’s website is: http://www.beautobeau.com.

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The Funeral

The Funeral
Erotic Romance

After years of life in the city and away from the one man she could never have, Kellie has returned to her small hometown for only one reason.  The woman who was Kellie’s best friend years ago was involved in a fatal car accident.  This is the same woman who had married the one man Kellie fears blames her for his bad marriage.  But there is no way he could have discovered that Kellie had known the truth about his dead wife, could he?  In an odd twist, the widower has requested Kellie’s attendance today of all days.  Today is the day of the funeral.

Kellie looked around at the pictures on the walls.  There were very few, but she thought it odd that there were no pictures of Kirk’s wife.  Photographs of his daughter were plentiful and there were a few of the two of them, Kirk and his daughter Heather, but none of Marla.  “That’s odd.”  Kellie walked through the entire house trying to find some sign of Marla, but there seemed to be none.  Had she and Kirk been divorced?  No, Kellie would have known about that. 

Then Kellie noticed the closed door of the master bedroom and for a moment her mind went to the dark side where the images of horror films lived.  Kirk didn’t lose it one night and kill his wife, did he?  Marla’s lifeless body isn’t in there, is it?  Kellie slowly opened the door, the sound of her own heart pounding deafening to her.


She turned to leave the room and when she did she came face to face with Kirk. 

“What are you doing in here?  The door was closed.”  He appeared much different from the way he had earlier.  His eyes were bloodshot and he was disheveled.   

Kellie took a step backward.  “I…I…I guess I was just remembering the place.  The house was unlocked.” 

Kirk just stood there, his eyes fixed on Kellie’s.  Kellie swallowed hard, not knowing what to do.  She had never seen him like this.  What in the hell had happened since the funeral?  It was less than an hour ago. 

“What were you looking for, Kellie?” 


Kirk took a step toward her.  “Nothing, or some evidence of Marla?” 

“The pictures of you and your daughter are very nice, Kirk.”  She tried to appease him, but he was not amused.  

“But where are the pictures of Marla, right?” 

“The Funeral” is available at the six Apple iBookstores; Barnes & Noble; All Romance ebooks; Bookstrand; 1 Place for Romance; eXtasy Books; and Amazon.  For the U.S. iBookstore link, click on the picture above.

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My Woman-Child

My Woman-Child

Erotic Romance

As Heidi prepares for a fun filled night at the newest and hottest club in the college town she has called home for four years, the last person she expects to see is the one man she has wanted for years.  When she opens the door of her apartment to find this man standing there, looking better than any man has a right to look, Heidi quickly replaces the surprised look on her face with a devilish grin.  Knowing that time spent with this man could lead to crossing a line that she swore she never would cross, Heidi decides to flirt with danger and have some fun anyway. 

Heidi was young, just three months shy of twenty-two, slender, with perky breasts and a cute butt.  Her height of five feet, five inches was the only thing that stood between her and the wonderful world of modeling, a world into which she longed to be welcomed.  “In these heels, I could stomp any runway,” she said to the woman-child looking back at her. 

Heidi picked up the little black purse that completed her perfect ensemble, tossed her loosely curled long blonde hair a couple of times to give it that “play with me look”, and headed for the door. 


Joe set his empty beer can on Heidi’s shiny glass table and stood up.  He walked slowly toward her, standing so close to her now that she could smell the beer on his breath, the one manly scent that Heidi could not resist. 

Lost in her lusty daydream, Heidi flinched when she felt Joe’s hand on the small of her back.  He immediately stepped back. 

“A bit jumpy, are we?” he teased.


Joe parked his truck, and Heidi reached for the door handle.  Then she felt Joe’s hot heavy hand on her thigh, his fingers made thick from years of hard work on the farm pressed firmly on her inner thigh nearing her crotch. 

“Excuse me,” she said firmly. 

“Oh, please, you think I’m trying to cop a feel from you?  Just a word of caution, Heidi.  You may want to try and stay on your feet tonight.  A good crotch shot is something that the young studs in there should pay for, don’t you think?” 

Heidi roughly pulled Joe’s hand from her thigh and slammed it down on the seat of the truck.  “I’ll keep that in mind,” she said, and glared at Joe. 

This erotic romance ebook is available at Amazon US & UK, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, 1Place for Romance, All Romance ebooks, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstores.  For the Amazon US link, click on the picture above.

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The Girl in the Picture

The Girl in the Picture

A bittersweet romance about "the one that got away."

Have you ever wondered about the one that got away?  Is there someone in your past that you think may have been the one?  Hindsight is 20/20, or so the saying goes.  This is a bittersweet story of such a love.  A young couple meet in high school, and years later, wonder what if?  What if he or she was the one?  Does everyone have just one soul mate?  Is there such a thing as fate, really?  Can we go back and pick up where we left off?  Perhaps Thomas Wolfe was right, and we truly cannot go home again.   

Todd awoke early and looked around him.  What the fuck am I doing? he asked himself.  Today was Todd’s wedding day.  He reached over and picked up his wallet from the nightstand.  He pulled out the picture that he had kept in his wallet for the past three years.  Todd looked at the picture of the girl he had loved for over three years now.  He couldn’t remember when he had first known that he had loved her, but he knew that he did love her.  But Todd was not marrying the girl in the picture.  She had belonged to someone else the last time he had seen her.


When Hank and Todd were seniors, and Brenda a junior, Todd thought that he finally had a chance to win Brenda’s heart.  Hank had graduated midterm and moved about a hundred and fifty miles away to attend college.  Hank and Brenda had broken up shortly before Christmas of that year, and Todd had been waiting patiently for Hank to be gone for certain.  It wasn’t that Todd was afraid to ask Brenda out until Hank had been gone.  Todd waited more out of self-preservation than anything else.  He had witnessed too many fights between Hank and Brenda and, more importantly, too many getting-back-together times between Hank and Brenda.  It would have killed Todd if he had been loved by Brenda and then had lost her.


Brenda said nothing, but continued to stare at Todd.  Todd didn’t move, but was thinking that he was going to take a punch from Brenda at any moment. 

 “You were so close to me at that moment, Brenda.  Our lips were closer then than they had ever been.  I should have pulled you to me and told you how I felt about you right then, and never let you go until I had shown you the passion in my kiss and in my entire being,” Todd said, to the girl in the picture. 


Brenda must have been extremely jaded by her very destructive relationship with Hank because for the remainder of the week, Todd told her often that if she changed her mind before Saturday night, the invitation was still open.  Friday night came and Todd called Brenda at her house.  “Are you sure you won’t go with me tomorrow night?”  “Yeah,” she said.  “If you change your mind, call me.  I work tomorrow, but my mom will be home and will take a message for me, and then I will call you at noon when I come home from work for lunch.  I’m not leaving town until after work, at around six, so call me anytime before then if you change your mind.”  “Okay,” Brenda said, and hung up the phone.  Brenda should have realized Todd’s sincerity because it was he who had called, not Hank.  Hank hadn’t called that week at all.  It was Todd who had asked Brenda about her week.  It was Todd who had taken Brenda to their shared night class, and it was Todd who truly cared about Brenda, but Brenda just couldn’t see it.  It wouldn’t be until many years later that Brenda would realize the truth. 

 “I thought I was being direct, but I know now that I could have made myself much clearer,” Todd said, to the girl in the picture. 

This is a bittersweet romance about “the one that got away.”  The book is available at Amazon.  Simply hover over the picture to be taken to the book.  Warning: This story may bring a tear or two or three to your eyes.


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