K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

What’s a Kiss Between Friends?


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Gary Turner and Gordy Baxter are lifelong best friends, former lovers, and world renowned cardiologists. Mysterious adventures are what they crave, but somehow murder seems to find its way into their plans, along with an assortment of ex-lovers.

Gary has a sharp tongue and can be a bit ‘scattered’ when away from the office. Gordy is reserved and chooses his words carefully, which can be quite a challenge with a loose cannon like Gary close by, always willing to offer his unfiltered opinion about everything from the latest food craze to world politics. If opposites attract, these two are sure to be together in one way or another.


It’s no secret that Gary has a hot temper, and he’s bedded his share of ‘questionable’ characters, but does someone want him dead? He’s being stalked, but why? Gary fears he may be cut into little pieces by the man in the dark glasses and dark suit he swears is following him. Gordy, as usual, thinks his buddy is imagining things.

Gary lived his life like a rock star, with five-star travel accommodations, designer clothes, and gourmet food high on his priority list. But he was an enterprising man. He and Gordy had purchased a rundown house they planned to fix up and turn into a bed and breakfast. He loved to cook and he loved to eat. He had turned his kitchen into a cloud of flying white dust as he stirred and whirred his way into creating the best pancakes anyone had ever tasted. He had whipped the batter a little longer than planned, and as a result the cakes were high and fluffy, allowing syrups and jellies to slowly seep inside. What he had created by accident was a cross between a muffin and a pancake.

“You and I are going to retire in style,” he promised Gordy.

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Local. Physician. Mysteriously. Murdered.

The headline caught the attention of everyone at Knotty’s, a high end hair salon owned by Gary Turner and Gordy Baxter.

A detective out to prove his worth bumps Gary to the top of the list of suspects just because of a little white lie.

Gary and his buddy Gordy had dreamed of opening a bed and breakfast as a side business to their bustling cardiology practice, but that dream landed flat on its butt when the house they purchased was teeming with termites. They lost a pretty penny on that little venture.

Instead, they opened a hair salon, Knotty’s, where Gary is the head stylist. It’s a time sucking money pit, and the murdered doctor agreed to help them out but later reneged, forcing Gary to make a secretive deal with an eccentric friend. But that friend is mysteriously found dead as well.

If Gary killed the doctor as well as his friend, he would be off the hook for paying them back. But Gary is no murderer. It’s not in his nature. Or is it?

There are suspects aplenty in this murder mystery… a bitter ex-wife, a vengeful ex-companion of the male persuasion, and a number of pretty boys the slain doctor called friends.


Gary and Gordy flipped a coin to decide who would turn the lock. Gary won, of course, with his lucky two-headed silver dollar. With Gordy right behind him, Gary cleared his throat and flipped the switch, instantly flooding the room with white lights that twinkled with specks of blue, green, purple and pink.

“Damn, Gary! This homage to disco you’ve created could cause a stroke.”

“I will take that as a compliment,” Gary retorted, continuing to survey his domain.

That was nearly a year ago. Gary and Gordy had talked for years about opening a side business to their bustling careers as cardiologists. Gordy thought Gary was crazy when he talked of opening a salon. “Do you know anything at all about cutting and styling hair?”

“Of course I do. Well, I’ve watched. Okay, I grew up around it. Plus, I do know what looks good on me,” he said, as he ran his hand through his short, styled locks. “And you know how I love a good hair product. With my own salon, I can get anything I want… wholesale!”

Gordy shook his head but decided to give it a chance. Naming the salon caused a bit of a tiff between the lifelong friends. Gary wanted to name it Twisting Turner or Baxter’s Buns, but Gordy preferred something a little more staid, like No Fuss Beauty Salon.

“Gordy, my man,” Gary said, as he took him by the arm and led him around the sparkly salon, “with no fuss, there is no beauty,” raising his voice with each syllable.

“Well, it’s got to have a name,” Gordy retorted, none too happy that his idea had been outright rejected.

“And it has to be sexy, stunning, and jaw dropping, just like me,” Gary added, crossing his arms.

Brainstorming led to sleepless nights, name calling, and one time the two friends spent two whole days avoiding each other. Finally, they decided that since Gary was the face of the salon and the one who had gone to the effort of becoming a stylist, the name of the salon would be his choice, no matter how tacky.

“Hmm,” Gary said, as he stroked his imaginary goatee. “I’m thinking… I’m thinking… Scissors.”

“That’s it? Scissors?”

He gave Gordy a sneer. “Blades?”

“That sounds like a place to get sliced and diced.”

“Coronary cuts.”

“You’re joking, right? We’re not at the hospital.”

“Hmm,” Gary murmured, as he stared out the window.

“Damn it to… I’ve got it! The salon will be named Sassy’s, a salon experience.”

“But, Gary, that implies that Sassy is a person and the salon was named after that person.”

“Hmm… so it does, so it does. Give me another minute.”

Gary’s mind was flooded with ideas, though many of his ideas were not appropriate for a salon or any other professional establishment.

“I’ve got it, yes indeedy I do. The name of the salon will be Knotty’s. Underneath the name, the words ‘A Cut Above’.” Gordy liked the idea. It was naughty in a good way… a different spin on the word. A Cut Above was the perfect addition to the main name. Their salon would be a cut above the rest. Gary would demand it.

And their dream became a reality.

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Doctor Jones

Sensual Romance

Sensual Romance

After spending years within the sterile walls of the hospital focusing on her career, Muriel feels out of place when a friend arranges a date with an older man. Having nothing in common with this man of means and with little experience with intimacy, Muriel wonders if she may have stumbled into something more than a casual fling.

“Look at the mountains,” she exclaimed, in awe of the majestic peaks.

“They are beautiful, and they are even more beautiful up close. We’ll go sometime. I wanted you to experience this with me, your first time all the way to the top,” he said, and once again his shining blue eyes sparkled.

Muriel thought there may have been just the slightest bit of sexual innuendo in his comment. She was mesmerized by the brilliance of his eyes. They sparkled like diamonds.

Mark set his glass down and held Muriel’s hands. He moved his hands upward along her arms, and he leaned toward her. Muriel’s heart was beating fast and hard when she felt Mark’s lips on her own. His kisses were gentle and sweet, yet very passionate. He put his arms around her and kissed her with more force and passion. He kissed her for several minutes, and Muriel was quickly becoming aroused. She wanted this man. Then Mark pulled back and kissed her on the cheek. “I think I had better go now,” he said.

After Mark had gone, a confused Muriel made sure the shower water was hot before stepping inside. The pulsating jets felt good on her sore muscles. She turned and let the water hit the front of her body, and she thought about how great a whirlpool tub would feel right now. She looked down and fantasized about how good Mark’s hands would feel on her, caressing her, and bringing her to climax with his fingers, and then with his full thickness. She could only imagine how gentle and giving a lover he would be, yet not so gentle that he would leave her unsatisfied. Sex with Mark would be amazing.

“Doctor Jones”, sensual romance by K. Lyn, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Sony, Kobo, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Hurts So Good

Hurts So Good

Erotic Romantic Fiction

Life in a small town with a solo medical practice is Kevin’s dream come true.  When he begins working later and later during the week and making house calls on the weekend, his wife thinks he is having an affair.  When a second doctor joins him, the late nights continue and the man’s personality begins to change.  The doctor’s wife begins to spy on him in his after work activities, but what she discovers is much worse than an affair.  The young doctor may be in for the fight of his life.

Life in the little town of Jointon was bringing out a different side in Devin’s husband.  Maybe it was the pressure of work that had driven Kevin to near madness.  Who knew?  Devin decided to be neighborly and offer to help the new doctor’s wife unpack.  She rang the doorbell and several minutes passed before Rina answered the door. 

“May I help you?” 

“Hi, Rina.  I can help you unpack if you like.” 

The door was open only a crack and Devin wondered what the woman could be hiding.  It couldn’t be a lover.  Her husband had left the house less than an hour ago. 

“I don’t think so.  I have a lot to do.  Thanks.” 

The door closed and Devin was left standing on her neighbor’s doorstep feeling like a fool. 


When the night came, Devin watched as the doctor from across the street entered the banker’s home.  As the men entered the basement, she gasped.  It was like something out of a horror movie, designed to be some sort of dungeon, at least in Devin’s opinion.  She had never seen such a setup.  There was something hanging from the wall that appeared to be a type of torture device and there was metal everywhere, in the form of clamps and assorted prongs and what appeared to be traps such as those used for catching wild game. 

The two men appeared to be drinking and Devin noticed a third man entering the room.  Dressed in leather like Mr. Meyers, he stood with his vest open while Mr. Meyers slid a cube of ice over and around his nipples.  The water ran down his chest and the third man licked it off.  When Devin could see his face, she gasped.  It was the president of the bank.  Were the two men lovers?  How did the new doctor fit in if they were?  The new doctor stood in a far corner away from the bankers, and the two bankers did not speak to him as he walked slowly toward them.  The three men then waited as a fourth man joined them. 


The following morning, Kevin surprised her with a breakfast tray. 

“Breakfast in bed?” 

“Anything for m’lady.” 

As they ate together, Devin couldn’t wait any longer to confront her husband.  She loved him too much. 



“What’s going on?” 

He gently pressed his finger to her lips.  “It’s nothing you need to know.” 

“And your back…how did you hurt it?  Did you fall?” 


“Damn it, Kevin!” 


“Your secret, the club, I was in the house…Fritz’ house.  Do you know about him?  Fritz has been kicked out of many practices.  Are you in some sort of gang?” 

“It’s not a gang, Devin.” 

“Well, what is it, then?  It’s sick!”

Hurts So Good is available in the 32 Apple iBookstores.  For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the picture above.

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Doctor of Wives

Doctor of Wives
Erotic Fiction

When Charlotte absentmindedly walks into the wrong meeting room, she is too embarrassed to leave.  She takes a seat in the back row and looks up to see her own doctor, a man she has fantasized about for five years.  She had heard that he was getting a divorce, and it was rumored that his wife had had more than one lover during their brief marriage.  If he were Charlotte’s husband, the gorgeous doctor would never have to worry about that, nor would he lack for anything in the bedroom.  When Charlotte receives a startling revelation from the doctor’s wife, the sexy woman makes it her erotic mission to find out if her doctor is really on the road to divorce or if there is a secret about him that he hopes to keep hidden. 

Charlotte’s heart was beating too fast as the possibilities of the night flooded her brain.  She wanted to undress the sexy doctor right then and there.  The throbbing between her legs had become a steady ache and she longed to relieve it.  She turned to him and he just stood there looking hard at her. 

“Yes?” she finally answered. 

“I don’t want to be alone tonight.” 

Charlotte squeezed his hand and led him to the door of her room.  She unlocked the door and led him inside.  Closing the door behind them, she stood on tiptoe and put her arms around him.  “I don’t want you to be alone tonight, either,” she whispered, and she kissed him lightly on the neck. 


The tall doctor entered the room wearing nothing but a towel tied around his waist.  “Morning, sleepyhead.” 

Charlotte stared at the man she had made love with last night.  Just out of the shower, he was even more gorgeous than he had been in last night’s darkness.  She slowly pulled the sheet up to cover her nakedness. 


“Oh, come on, sweetie.  I found your name and number in Greg’s secret hideaway, an old wallet that he thinks he is keeping hidden from me.” 

“It’s probably just in case of emergencies.” Charlotte had no idea what else to say.  Why did Greg have her number? 

“Look, honey, I know how this works.  He cheated on his first wife with me and now he is cheating on me with you.  Now, do you get it?” 

Charlotte was stunned.  Had Greg lied to her? 

Doctor of Wives is available in the six Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

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http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/de/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – Germany

http://itunes.apple.com/fr/book/doctor-of-wives/id464668529?mt=11 – France


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