K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

Wicked Games


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She learned quickly that this was no Game!

Tony met her at a club by chance… by sleeping with her and making a deal between the sheets. Now they have an arrangement. She schedules Tony’s clients, and Tony services those clients. Lust, rich women, and men willing to do anything to take him down are abundant in Tony’s world, but not love… not for him. His private and work life are two separate entities, and he intends to keep them that way.

As their breathing slowed, they heard the door to the suite open.

“Who’s that?” Luci asked.

“My servant. He will not bother us. He will wait until we open the door.”

Luci was uneasy knowing there was someone in the suite, and she thought they should get dressed, but the prince was in no hurry.

“I will give our breakfast order to the servant. Stay here, Luciana. I will not be gone long.”

The prince’s heavy body left her exposed and she covered herself, watching him as he dressed in front of her. His body gave her chills and turned her on. He glanced in her direction to make sure she was covered before opening the door.

Luci knew what was going on. Negotiating. Which wasn’t easy. She heard voices rise every now and then, and then there was silence followed by footsteps. When Nairot opened the door to the bedroom, Luci appeared to be asleep.

“The weekend is ours. Will you show me your city?”

That was a new request for Luci. She was always a secret, a bed warmer. No man had asked to be seen in public with her in the light of day.

“I’d love to.”

Enjoy “Wicked Games” available from B&N, Amazon, Google, Kobo, and Apple.


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Lusting (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 4)


Lusting (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 4)
A BDSM Erotic Romance
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LUSTING is Book 4 of the Hot New BDSM Series, Masked Emotions.
The King of S&M kicks it up a notch!

Enzio opens the New York Looking Glass to rave reviews, offering the best in the world of S&M, including the infamous Dom 241. Lana begged him to stay in Seattle, but he refused to be hurt by her again. Determined to be with him, Lana learns more about his world from one of the best Mistresses at The Looking Glass, and quickly becomes one of the best Subs in the world. She is a natural, unbreakable, which intrigues Enzio, who knows her only by her alter ego, as she wears a mask whenever she is in the club and speaks with a British accent. A show with her would be perfect for his club, so he asks Lana about her, causing Lana to become jealous of her alter ego, and she wonders if Enzio felt the same when she desired the demanding hands of Dom 241.

“Who’s your new Dom or Master? Maybe I know him.”

“Actually, it’s a Mistress,” she sighed, “And she has been teaching me a lot.”

“That’s great! Who is she?”

Lana became quiet and her mind began to race on a name. She diverted the question by saying, “Oh, you don’t know her. She’s new.”

He laughed, “Hey, have you met Trinity?”

Lana’s cheeks suddenly kissed pink like a spring rose, and the blooming color slowly turned deeper as her smile stretched further. “I’ve met her,” she said, “I swear she’s a bit anal, though. She never takes off her costume when she’s in the club.”

“How commendable.”

Lana raised an eyebrow and felt an immense jealousy building up inside her at the tone of his voice. He sounded impressed and interested.

“So what else is she like? I heard she’s unbreakable. Is it true? Who trained her? How long has she been at the club?”

The questions kept piling one after another, and Lana’s jealousy of her alter ego began to claw at her like a rat in a cage. Then she said something she instantly regretted. “She’s my Mistress.”

That set him off like a bloodhound. “SHE’S A SWITCH!” He sounded so excited, and Lana couldn’t help but smile. “I was supposed to come to Seattle in two weeks for graduation, but I might come sooner to see her at work as a Mistress.”

“Wait, what?!” she yelped, but then she heard a sudden commotion coming from the other end of the line.

“Hey Lana, I have to go. I’ll see you at the end of the week.”

The second he hung up, Lana jumped out of bed. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” She ran down the stairs and into the office to rummage through the instructional videos that Enzio had made. Just as she was about to run back upstairs, the door opened and she looked up at the woman and smiled before saying, “I need your help.”


“Please Enzio, punish me,” she whispered as she looked into his eyes. She missed being under his control. She desperately needed him, and with every breath she wanted him. “Please punish me,” she whispered again as he kissed her neck and slowly moved up to her lips. “I have toys in the nightstand by my bed.”

He took her and spun her around, wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. He leaned over and nibbled on her earlobe before lightly kissing her neck. “No toys,” he whispered. He moved down to her shoulders. “No fake names, Trinity.”

“You know?” she panted.

He pulled her to the bed as she breathed heavily.

“Lusting” (Masked Emotions Book 4), BDSM erotic romance by V.E. Campudoni, is available from Amazon. Click to Purchase. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website: http://www.beautobeau.com.

The beautiful cover was designed by Syneca Featherstone, and features model Jimmy Thomas.

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Longing (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 2)


Longing (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 2)
A BDSM Erotic Romance
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Enzio’s longing for Lana is an endless, aching need. She is his drug. But Lana wants Enzio as her loving Master, and Dom 241 as the masked brute of a man who takes her roughly and shows her no mercy as he exhausts her sexually. She craves the beast with the bullwhip, and willingly accepts complimentary tickets to The Looking Glass.

As the night’s captive at a party at The Looking Glass, Lana is blindfolded by Dom 241 and escorted to the center of a bed, where he ties her arms and legs to the four posts with a nylon rope. “I think you deserve a reward,” he says as he unbuttons his pants and moves between her legs. The muscular Dom with the sculpted body looms over her, ready to reward her as only he can.

While Lana struggles between two Doms, Enzio confronts old demons, and enemies begin to surface. A dangerous, obsessed client stalks him, and a competitor’s club threatens his multi-million dollar business.

Lana stared at his tight abs and chest before moving up to his masked face. She gazed into his strong eyes and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a collar. “As of this moment, I am your Master,” he spoke sternly into her ear, “You will obey all of my orders and refer to me as Dom. Do you understand?”

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded. He pulled the leash and Lana stumbled toward him. “Welcome to the Gala experience,” he growled. “Why are you here, Darling?” he asked.

Lana didn’t know what to say as she watched him walk to the door in the private room and click the lock. He turned to look at her and she felt a chill through her veins. “I won’t ask you again,” he growled. She tried to say something, but nothing came out. She felt his hands on her waist and he ran his fingers over her butt. Lana was shaking, and he pulled her hair. “I asked you a question, Darling,” his voice boomed.

“I…I was curious,” she stuttered.

“About what?”

“I was curious about you, Master.”

“I am not you Master!” he yelled. “You are already claimed. Call me Dom.”

She hesitated briefly. “Yes, Dom.”

“Does your Master satisfy you?”

“Yes, Dom.”

“Is your Master a good Master?”

“Oh yes, Dom, he’s wonderful.” Her words caused him to smile.

“Then I will ask you one last time, Darling, why are you here?”

She didn’t answer.

“What is it that you want from me that your Master cannot give to you, Lana?”

Still she didn’t answer.

“You have no safe word today,” he softly said, placing a blindfold over her eyes.

“Longing” (The Masked Emotions Series Book 2), BDSM erotic romance by V.E. Campudoni, is available from Amazon (KDP Select). Click to Purchase. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website: http://www.beautobeau.com.

The beautiful cover was designed by Syneca Featherstone, and features the very sexy Jimmy Thomas.

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Beyond Twisted

Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance

An invitation to the old cottage that Carmella has long wondered about is exciting until she enters the gabled abode. The man who lives there hosts parties of a different sort, with guests engaged in activities only whispered about in Carmella’s world. She looks at the handsome man by her side with an unsettling gaze, but he is too busy enjoying the show to be bothered by her possible discomfort with the sights before her. When the two of them become the center ring in the bizarre circus of events, she realizes that home is a long way from the house on the hill.

Carmella had always been curious about the eerie looking cottage that she had assumed was abandoned. She waited until the sun went down before making the trek through the back yard and into her neighbor’s yard. Climbing the back fence wasn’t easy in a dress, but no one was watching so she tied it up at her waist, climbed onto a low branch of a tree and hopped over. As she lowered her dress and smoothed it down, she didn’t know that she was being watched.

With a pair of binoculars, Bradford had watched her every move. Before long, she would be his, if the night went as planned. Let the games begin!

“Come in, Carmella. The party is in full swing.”

Carmella looked around the old house that was amazingly modern, if not a little overdone, on the inside. She noticed that the guests were wearing disguises, though she and Bradford were not. His eyes told her that she was not to question him, but she hadn’t gotten that impression from him when they talked earlier. He seemed different now.

Her attention quickly turned to the sound of orchestra music playing in the distance. Bradford put his arm around her waist and ushered her into a large room. A number of the guests proceeded up the grand staircase where Carmella assumed they would become part of a more intimate type of party, each couple doing their own thing, but when the antique grandfather clock chimed the top of the hour, the orchestra music abruptly ceased.

Carmella asked, “What happens now?”

Bradford shushed her and told her to wait and watch. The lights dimmed and in the center of the room appeared a masked trumpeter dressed like a mythical bird. He stood in the middle of the room and blew his horn, forcing Carmella to hold her hands over her ears. Everyone in the room was silent as a masked guard entered the room and announced loudly, “Lord and Lady of the cottage, welcome to the greatest show on the mountain. The evening’s entertainment is soon to begin. Enjoy a night of wanton debauchery.” The announcer then exited the middle of the room as quietly as he had entered. Carmella looked at Bradford with an unsettling gaze, but he was too busy enjoying the show to be bothered by her possible discomfort with the sight before her. If this is what went on in the cottage on the hill, she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a part of it, but when she tried to pull away from him, he held her more tightly to him, his hand seeming to grow larger at her waist. A smile formed upon Bradford’s mouth, though Carmella did not look at him. She felt as if she had become part of an erotic movie. She had never seen anything like it.

“Beyond Twisted,” erotic romance by K. Lyn, is available at Apple, B&N, Amazon, Kobo, Bookstrand, Google, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Primal Menage

Primal Menage
Erotic Fiction

The reclusive Wolf family live deep in the woods and Maddy has been hired as nanny to their two boys while the Wolf couple are away.  According to rumor they are leaving for their yearly feeding frenzy but knowing that Wolf is their last name and not what they are, Maddy pays no attention to idle hearsay.  When she arrives at the secluded house, she is stunned to find that the two boys are grown men.  Instructed to satisfy their needs, she has been strongly cautioned never to follow them when they retreat into the woods for extended periods of time.  Maddy makes herself comfortable in the huge stone mansion in the woods not expecting the brothers to demand the unthinkable of her, each drawn to her by his own primal instinct.

A drop of blood from his broken skin slid down his chin.  His voice softened as he slid his hand down the back of Maddy and inside her skirt.  “You just might like it.”  His mouth was strong and a finger was wedged between her butt cheeks where her thong was cutting into her.  She mumbled something and he eased his mouth off of hers just long enough to listen.  “What’s wrong, Maddy?” 

“Your finger…it’s cutting me.” 

“Have I made you bleed?” 

Maddy shook her head.  She feared this man who was both wild and weird.  His mouth was on hers again and he forced his hand from inside her skirt.  He placed a firm hand on her crotch beneath her skirt and lifted her easily.  He laid her on the bed and wedged her legs between his. 

Adolpho did not go slowly.  He seared the tender flesh with his powerfulness and Maddy sucked in her breath.  She was not prepared for him but as he pulled and pushed her to fulfill his own need, she closed her eyes and began to enjoy the ride.  No one had ever done to her what the two wolf men had done to her.  Maddy felt her body being brought to the line again and again; that sliver of an edge where pain met pleasure.  She gasped with the pleasure and bit her lip with the pain. 


Maddy read further and there was something about Leon that had stumped the psychiatric community.  His raw meat preference carried over into sex.  He seemed to know everything about women and their cycles and his sex drive was strongest right before… and then it stopped.  At the very bottom it stated that women should be careful around him as there would always be the unfortunate possibility that she could be mistaken for food… at a certain time… and he would go too far.  Maddy tried to find something to assure her that he had never gone too far, that he had never gotten that aroused, but there was nothing. 


“My dear, this is our new son, Ryol.” 

Maddy held out her hand and the man eyed it curiously.  Mrs. Wolf took the young man’s hand in hers, not knowing what he might do with the extended hand of a stranger. 

“He is quite shy.  You may go now, Ryol.” 

The sexy man practically ran back toward the kitchen and to the safety of Mr. Wolf. 

Maddy turned the knob on the front door and Mrs. Wolf placed her hand with the claw-like fingernails over hers. 

“I will be needing a nanny again in a few months.  With three boys now, the salary will be tripled.  My boys were very happy with you.  You met their needs and more.  Are you available?”

Primal Menage is available in the 32 Apple iBookstores.  For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the picture above.

Below are a few individual links to “Primal Menage” in the iBookstores, by country:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/ch/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – Switzerland

http://itunes.apple.com/ie/book/primal-menage/id493861288?mt=11 – Ireland


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