K. Lyn Kennedy

Author of Multigenre Romance

His Obsession


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How can you outrun a past that you don’t remember?

Get ready for a phenomenal story that will leave you with one question…
Is he real?

When Elizabeth returns to the Estate, a place where many people have been found dead and where she felt a ghostly presence years ago, she discovers the true secret of the old, gothic dwelling… a seductive spirit that has been waiting years just for her.

I tried to push him away, but my arms felt heavy. All I wanted was for him to kiss me, to make love to me, to be the woman he thought I was. But I wasn’t her…

You are her, a voice inside me said with conviction.

I knew he was some kind of monster. I was terrified. He had never touched me beyond the courtesies expected in public, but it had been apparent in his tone that was going to end tonight.

Cohabiting with a polite monster was one thing… bedding one was quite another. My first thought was to flee. But the servants that manned the doors were all his people, ones that could see with his eyes. Damien had grown unbelievably strong these past months. There would be no escape… for me.

I undressed and waited for him in bed, shivering. In a few moments, he entered, then came to stand beside the bed, where he began undressing.

The human that had been my husband had been a drunk, and his body had reflected that. But the new Damien rarely imbibed in smoke or drink, and never ate to excess. I had noticed that his suits had changed in that time, and not just in the expensiveness of their cloth. The proof was there before me in naked flesh, smooth muscle having replaced flaccid fat. Lust at once washed through my heart, and I averted my eyes.

“His Obsession” can be found at Google Books, B&N, Kobo, Apple and Amazon. Click to Purchase.

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The Game Master of Somerville

The Game Master
Unable to resist a mystery, Jerry uncovers an on-line gaming site referring to a ‘secret place’ for young people who feel they don’t fit in and a game master who promises them a world where they will belong. When the daily news headline reads, “Pritchett, James (31), Murderer, Escapes from Prison,” Jerry’s mind begins to race, and after a bit of research, he finds more about the elusive Mr. Pritchett. Guilty of murdering the Watts family, he escaped prison and was last seen not far from the city of Somerville. But is the escaped prisoner the game master?

“What’s this game?” I pointed at the name, “The Clash of Magic and Swords?”

“Beats me,” said Justin. Nick shook his head as well.

“It’s an on-line multi-player strategy game,” said Kate. “It has a lot of fantasy elements in it.”

“People play on-line games,” said Justin. “There’s nothing weird about it.”

He was right. “Look for something else,” I said. I wanted to find something important on Will’s laptop, something that would give us a hint about who had taken him or if he was in contact with someone.

There were pages where Will talked about going out on his own and finding a ‘secret place’ to share with his friends, especially Stephen. I read one of the entries to myself. It was written about six months ago. “I wish I could find a place, a place I could call my own. I would be surrounded by my friends and we would play as long as we wanted. Maybe someday I’ll find it and then I’ll go there.” I read the rest of the pages. William sounded obsessed with finding his own ‘secret place.’ I read an entry that was made a month ago. “I think I’ve found it. Stephen and I came to know about it around the same time. I can’t wait to go there. He said he’ll take both of us. I’m so excited. We are Orphans of the World!”

“Who’s he?” I asked myself. At first I thought it was Stephen, but re-reading the last line again told me there was a third person involved.


“A Clash of Magic and Swords,” she answered enthusiastically. “I made a lot of friends through this. Have you heard of it?” she asked.

“No…I…” and then I remembered. I had seen the game in both Stephen’s and Will’s history when I was in their rooms. Stephen played the game on his laptop while Will played it on his desktop computer. My mind felt as if it was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t make out what.

“Can you find out how many people in Somerville play this game?” I asked.

Ana nodded at me. “The game has all kinds of stats in it,” she said. “You can know more about the game from here,” she answered, opening a menu for me.

“Thanks,” I said. I looked at the menu in front of me. It had all sorts of information. The final version of the game was made available to the public six months ago. According to the statistics, Ana’s profile showed more than a hundred players from Somerville. There was also a list of different teams or guilds players could join.

My eyes noticed the guild named “Orphans Of The World.”

“That’s a very powerful guild,” said Ana. “It’s very exclusive.”

“Can you show it to me?” I asked.

“We do not belong here. Our place is below the sun and moon. Those of you who wish to join, come open the circle to our world.”

“The Game Master of Somerville”, young adult murder mystery by A.J. Raven, is available from the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo, Google, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Missing in Somerville

New Adult Murder Mystery

New Adult Murder Mystery

The beautiful young bride of the town’s wealthiest man has been missing for several months and rumors of her whereabouts are rampant. Some speak of murder at the hands of her husband. Others claim that the young beauty died at the hands of a jealous ex-boyfriend. She could have run away, but why would a woman throw away a life of luxury? When a group of friends begin to search for her, they quickly discover that their lives are in danger by those determined to keep the woman’s whereabouts unknown.

I inserted the key into the key hole and opened the front door. Without a word, Ash and I walked inside. The hall was huge and decorated with expensive looking furniture, and decoration pieces made of crystal lined the shelves. Pictures of Nigel’s forefathers hung on the walls. The people in the pictures had an air of importance around them, similar to Nigel’s.

“You look downstairs,” I told Ash. “I’ll go and check upstairs. Meet you back here in a few minutes.”

“What am I supposed to look for?” Ash asked in a whisper.

“Don’t know,” I answered. I wasn’t even sure what to look for myself.

I began ascending the huge staircase. A huge portrait of Mr. Nigel and Devona greeted me at the landing. They looked happy to me. Nigel looked less serious and arrogant and Devona was beautiful in a pink gown. Giving the picture another look, I walked to my left and opened the door to a bedroom. I opened the drawer next to the bed and found a photo album full of pictures from Nigel’s and Devona’s wedding. The more I looked, the more their marriage appeared as if it had been a private affair. The entire photo album showed only the bride and her groom.


It took me a few minutes to realize that I was bound to a chair. “People know that I’m here,” I yelled at him.

He didn’t seem to listen and gently stroked Devona’s long blonde hair. I looked around the attic. Jars filled with red liquid lined the wall behind Devona. I noticed my cell phone near her chair smashed into pieces.

“Why?” I asked as I tried to loosen my hands.

“Devona is special,” he said, and I watched him pick up a syringe from a table. “My master told me that.”

“Who is your master?” I asked. He has gone totally crazy.

“Shut up!” he yelled at me. “Do not speak of my master with your filthy mouth.”

I tried to move my feet, but they were bound as well. I turned my head. There wasn’t anything sharp in my reach either. I needed to escape from this place.

“It was my master’s doing,” he said, pouring the blood into a jar.

I noticed that the attic door behind me was open. If only I could move the chair a little. I slowly began to push the chair toward the attic stairs.


I was grabbed by my hair and couldn’t catch my balance.

“You imbecile!” he yelled. “My master will be proud to hear that you are dead,” he said, and I saw him raise the knife.

“Missing in Somerville”, new adult murder mystery by A.J. Raven, is available from the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon and B&N. For the iBookstore link, click on the Cover Above. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Kevin had the best of intentions when he fell in love with Yvette, but he was a young musician at the time and naïve to the ways of the world. Yvette was the daughter of a former KGB officer whose intentions were self-serving and hedonistic. When Kevin is invited to showcase his prized group of musicians at Cyber World, a new theme park eerily designed by Yvette’s father, he fears that he may have been led into an international trap. He also realizes that one of his musicians may be his only way out of his former lover’s clutches, but can he put the young woman in danger to save himself? His intentions may be good, but the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Rachel jumped and held onto the balcony. “Maestro?”

“Didn’t mean to scare you, Rachel.”

Rachel took a deep breath. Had she been so preoccupied that she didn’t hear Mr. Scarsdale enter the room? It was if the man had appeared from nowhere. Kevin walked back into the room and Rachel slowly followed behind him.

“Where’s Charlotte?”

“She was reassigned. You will be staying here alone. You don’t mind, do you, Rachel?” The look he gave her frightened her.

“No, I don’t mind.”

He left the room and Rachel lay down on the bed. She was tired. A few minutes later Maestro entered her room again.

“Do you have a key to my room?”

“Yes, Rachel, I do.”


Rachel sat quietly beside Maestro as the taxi made a sharp turn, nearly capsizing, and entered a narrow waterway. When the boat emerged, music played from large speakers in the shape of thumb drives and the flashing CyB sign dwarfed them. The two of them stepped into what could be described as an eerie world of the future. With buildings of shiny steel and fake clouds hovering above them to represent cloud computing, Cyber World looked like it belonged on the set of a horror film. To Rachel’s right was a restaurant that looked like the inside of one of the very first computers.

“Walk with me, Rachel.”

Rachel turned her attention to Maestro and they walked through what appeared to be a timeline of sorts of cyber technology from the advent of the internet to present day. Only one ride was going, a rollercoaster with each car in the shape of a computer mouse.

“What do you think, Rachel?”

Rachel stared at Maestro. “I guess it’s not what I was expecting.”

The sinister laughter made Rachel cringe. “Nothing ever is, my dear.”

“Intentions”, mystery/romance by K. Lyn, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle Stores, Kobo, Sony, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Colville – The Cold

Paranormal Mystery

Paranormal Mystery

When a group of friends come upon a car crashed into a tree, they are surprised to find that the woman inside is alive. She tells the group that she and her co-worker had been filming the abandoned Singleton residence for a news report when it grew cold inside the house. They left, and walked toward the swamp not far from the abandoned abode. The swamp was frozen, with thinner ice in places and frozen footprints emanating from the swamp and going into the forest…human footprints. Thinking that the prints were made by kids as a joke, the two reporters followed them and noticed what appeared to be an animal or a human zoom into the trees. Assuming that the creature was hiding, the man approached it, and the couple found themselves surrounded by bodies staring at them. The news duo turned and ran back to their car, where they found another creature preventing them from getting away. The creature grabbed the man’s neck as the woman screamed and watched helplessly as the creature dragged her co-worker into the forest… The group of friends are mesmerized by the woman’s story and they set out to solve the mystery.

It was a cold night and a figure was walking towards the swamp, treading so lightly that it made no footprints. It was if the figure was floating, barely touching the ground. It went through the trees, its pale face coming in and out of the moonlight as it walked below the branches overhead. The swamp came into view and it stopped an inch away from the frozen layer of murky water. It turned around. No one was following her. She had made certain of that when she froze the rocks outside the hole in the cave. Satisfied, she stepped onto the frozen layer of ice covering the surface of the swamp. She knew it would not break. She had made herself light enough to walk on it. She looked up at the dark sky and rested her gaze upon the moon shining above her. She lifted her arms as if to fly and began whispering in a language as old as time. She knew the words well. She had recited the incantations before and now she was whispering them again.

The air became cold and the leaves of the trees began to rustle. She heard a howl from somewhere far away. Why was she doing this? Why was she putting her friends in danger? She did not know. All she knew was that there was some higher power making her do it all and it wanted more. It wanted revenge and it wanted it now. At first she had tried to resist the calling, but she was too weak, and she could not fight it. She didn’t want to fight it. Her whispering became louder and the ice around her began to crack. She saw something deep inside the swamp start to break the ice from below. The air around her became heavy, as if someone was there with her, a sinister unseen presence. She did not stop and began to whisper her incantations faster. The sheet of ice gave way and a decayed hand broke the surface of the water.

“Colville – The Cold”, paranormal mystery by Farid-ul-Haq, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Colville – The Swamp

Paranormal Mystery

Paranormal Mystery

A trip to a swamp believed to be haunted is intriguing to Anya and her friends, but when they arrive at their campsite they sneak away from the group to check out the swamp before the others. What they find is disturbing, to say the least. The pale, yellow green water looks sickening and there are bodies in the swamp. After this discovery, along with moans in the night, the rumors of a haunted swamp and the zombies within it are a little more believable.

“The swamp, according to my knowledge, is haunted,” said Cassandra, adjusting her hood. “It is said that many years ago the people in the forest lived happily, but one day because of a heavy downpour, the lake, which is now the swamp, flooded, drowning the people. It is said that every fifty years the people of the swamp, the ones who drowned, come out as swamp monsters and hunt for living flesh. They capture people and drag them down into the swamp with them, not to wake up again for another fifty years.”

“Creepy,” said Susan, rolling a strand of her hair around her finger. Curious, she searched for some more newspapers or any article regarding the disappearances. Going through some links, she found a site telling about a downpour occurring in the area where the swamp was located. “September 1855,” read Susan. “A heavy rainfall occurred near the quiet town of Colville, flooding a lake and drowning most of the inhabitants living near the forest.” The idea of a haunted swamp was intriguing to her.


They went deeper into the forest. Anya looked at the huge trees and began to get an eerie feeling. The swamp was huge and it looked sinister. The pale, yellow green water looked sickening. Tying her hair into a knot, she inched closer. Reaching the swamp, she looked into it. The water seemed still. She strained harder and then screamed. The rest of the group came towards her.

“What happened?”

“There are bodies in there,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

Looking at each other, both Tabitha and Cassandra bent down to take a look.

“She’s right,” said Tab, getting back up and trying to remain calm. “I just saw a face in there.”

“Colville – The Swamp”, paranormal mystery by Farid-ul-Haq, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Colville – The Secret

Paranormal Mystery

Paranormal Mystery

When four friends explore a nearby cave, something very strange, a transformation of sorts, begins to occur in one of them. Soon afterward, he leaves town, but while he is away a creature of some type begins killing at random, feeding off of his victims like a werewolf. Determined to find the killer, the group of friends set out on a quest that leads them to an unlikely source and into a well designed trap for which they are not prepared.

It was a cold night and an old man was walking down the street that led to the town’s pub. “Who’s there?” the man asked. He had heard some sharp steps behind him. The old man spun around and saw a cloaked figure coming towards him. The man quickened his pace. When he looked back, the figure was catching up with him. The old man made a quick turn, went into an alley, and hid behind a dustbin. He wanted to confront the person but he couldn’t. The very air seemed to be inflicting fear into his body. The figure stopped in the parking lot a little ahead of the alley. The old man closed his eyes, wishing that whoever it was would leave him alone. The figure turned and floated towards the old man. The old man’s heart began to beat faster. He wanted to yell, to call out for help, but no sound came from his mouth. With determination, he got up and ran away, but the alley he was in was a dead end. He had nowhere else to run. There was no way he could climb the brick wall in front of him.

Another attack had taken place but this time in Colville.


The four of them had reached the butcher’s shop and they all went in.

“Good day, George,” said Susan as she smiled at the butcher.

“Same to you, miss,” the man smiled back.

Everything was going the same way it always did. Anya was looking outside from the shop’s windows as people passed by. Eric was examining the scales placed on one of the shelves. Carl should have been with Eric, telling him to get a new socially acceptable hobby, but this time around Carl was looking at a very large piece of meat placed on the counter. He slowly walked towards it. The smell was unbearable. It was attracting Carl and he watched as his own hands picked up the meat.

“Carl, what the…!” yelled Eric.

Carl looked at him and then at the piece of raw meat into which he was biting. He threw it away in disgust, his mouth full of blood.

“Come on,” said Eric, and he walked Carl out of the shop.

Susan paid the shocked butcher. “He hasn’t been feeling well,” she said as the butcher forced a smile. “Anyway, thank you for the meat, George.”

Anya looked at Susan and both of them walked out of the shop without saying a word to each other.

“Colville – The Secret”, paranormal mystery by Farid-ul-Haq, is available in the Apple iBookstores, from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, Kobo ebooks, Sony, Google Play, and Coffeetime Romance. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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The Cozy Place

Erotic Romance/Mystery

Erotic Romance/Mystery

During the last three years there have been three mysterious deaths all linked to Mary’s romances. Her first lover allegedly committed suicide, her next lover was murdered, and every man she has a sexual relationship with thereafter meets a gruesome end shortly after the relationship is consummated. Hoping to prevent the deaths of future lovers, Mary seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who concludes that the common denominator is Mary. A police investigation includes Mary as a suspect, but the detective investigating the deaths develops many theories about who the murderer might be. He also falls deeply in love with Mary and she with him. A chilling end ensues, where the unlikely killer is finally revealed, in this psychological drama that involves mystery, suspense, and sensual romance.

His name was Jerry Cohen, a pre-med student whose father was a doctor. He walked Mary to her car and kissed her softly on the lips. “I want you now, tonight,” he said. Mary, absolutely stunned by what she had just heard, could not resist. They drove to a motel where they did not notice the somewhat tacky environment. Mary realized that she had a sexual appetite that needed to be addressed, and Jerry seemed like the perfect solution. It was Jerry who suggested they keep the relationship a secret, supposedly to protect against prying friends. He explained that no one was being deceived if no one knew. Mary wondered if there was another reason for keeping the secret, but at the same time the scenario was exciting to her and she agreed to a secret affair.

Jerry had truly fallen in love. Mary was comfortable with Jerry as a lover, but she did not want a husband yet. The arrangement was ideal for Mary but became difficult for Jerry. He wanted to express his true feelings about where he would like the relationship to go, but he was afraid of scaring Mary off.

When Mary didn’t see Jerry at their specified location, she assumed that he was either not feeling well or that something personal had come up. When Mary arrived home, her roommate asked if she had heard the news about the man who was found murdered in San Francisco.

Mary replied, “No. Was it someone we know?”

“It was Jerry Cohen. Remember, you mentioned him once.”

Details of Jerry’s death appeared in the newspapers. He was found in a cheap hotel room in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. The police found his car close by, but they had no witnesses. Headlines read, “The Boy Who Had It All.” Speculations were that the son of a prominent doctor was involved in drug buys and sadomasochistic sex rings.

“The Cozy Place”, erotic romance/mystery by Jon D. Zimmer, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Google Play, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Seducing Evil

Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance

Seven years ago Nola’s parents were murdered in a clearing in the orchard on their property, but this is the first year that Nola has returned. The old house looks the same, with everything exactly as it was that fateful day, after which Nola left for the city. In fact, nothing or no one seems to have changed, except Nola.

The shadow moved slowly but it appeared to be approaching. Nola was more frightened than she had ever been when a man appeared with a knife in his hand.


He moved into the open to face her. “Who else?”

“What are doing in here?”

“Collin lets me pick the apples.”

Nola stared at the man she thought she knew. He just stood there eating apple slices off of the long sharp blade.

“What are you doing so deep inside the orchard, Nola…reminiscing?”

He said it with a sinister smile on his face, but Nola found his words hurtful. She didn’t show it, covering her feelings with sarcasm as she always had. He wiped the long sharp blade on his jeans and as he walked away the blade was caught by the moonlight and cast an ominous glow at Nola’s feet. She waited a few minutes before running as fast as she could back the way she had come.

Nola wondered if everyone had changed in the past seven years, or just her? She opened the door of the house and searched the place for old newspapers. She found a huge stack of them tucked away in the back of a closet in her bedroom. She wiped off a couple of dead spiders and blew the dust off the top of the stack and began looking through the obituaries. What she found was startling.

Every year on the same date as her parents’ death, someone had been found dead in the exact same spot that she had found her parents. She put her hand to her mouth to keep from vomiting. Why wasn’t she told? This was her property. “This is sick!”

“Isn’t it?”

Nola looked up to see Collin standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing with those?”

“It’s my house, or have you forgotten?”

The man snapped. “Get up, Nola.”

“Seducing Evil”, erotic romance by K. Lyn, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Google Play, Bookstrand, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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Mystery/Suspense/Erotic Romance

Mystery/Suspense/Erotic Romance

LizBeth’s life somewhat resembles a circus, running from place to place with a challenging career and a young daughter. When she manages to swing some much needed time off, she and her daughter take a cruise, where Lizbeth meets a man who is intriguing and mysterious. Oozing charm, he easily wins her heart. Lizbeth has no idea what she has stumbled into with the handsome stranger, until the night when her daughter is nowhere to be found.

Kevin’s wallet was on the dresser and Lizbeth opened it to picture after picture of Grant and in the very back was a photograph of Sara in a cap and gown. It was her college graduation photo. Lizbeth was certain that Kevin had said the girl was still in college. She tucked the photograph back inside Kevin’s wallet and lay down on the bed. How long has he known Sara?


As Sara opened the door to her suite, she glanced down the hallway to see if Lizbeth was watching her before opening the door all the way. She quickly closed it behind her and went to Kevin. “Kevin, wake up. It’s Sara.” She gently pushed his hair back and lightly pressed her lips to his forehead. “You’ll be okay, my darling. We’ll be home very soon.” She unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra, pulled the blanket around her and pressed her naked breasts to Kevin’s chest. “Isn’t this nice, just the two of us?” Kevin managed to open his eyes just a little, but Sara was blurry to him. She looked at him and kissed his lips. She didn’t mind that he was too out-of-it to kiss back. She never minded. She loved the feeling of his lips on hers. She reached a hand down to Kevin’s jeans. He was always ready when she touched him. But tonight he was not and she knew that it was because of Lizbeth. She had taken everything from him and Sara would not allow that to happen again. “I need to go now, Kevin.” She pulled the two cups of her bra together with a snap, buttoned her blouse, and tucked the blanket around Kevin. The medication had really knocked him out tonight. A feeling of fear engulfed her. He had been drinking earlier with Lizbeth. Of course he had been. Lizbeth had gotten him drunk and taken advantage of him and now the man was barely conscious. Sara would die if something was to happen to Kevin, but if it did she could easily pin it on Lizbeth. She was the newcomer.

“Hostage,” an erotic romance filled with mystery and suspense, by K. Lyn, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle Stores, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Google Play, Sony Reader Store, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Available in print from Amazon. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

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