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Local. Physician. Mysteriously. Murdered.

The headline caught the attention of everyone at Knotty’s, a high end hair salon owned by Gary Turner and Gordy Baxter.

A detective out to prove his worth bumps Gary to the top of the list of suspects just because of a little white lie.

Gary and his buddy Gordy had dreamed of opening a bed and breakfast as a side business to their bustling cardiology practice, but that dream landed flat on its butt when the house they purchased was teeming with termites. They lost a pretty penny on that little venture.

Instead, they opened a hair salon, Knotty’s, where Gary is the head stylist. It’s a time sucking money pit, and the murdered doctor agreed to help them out but later reneged, forcing Gary to make a secretive deal with an eccentric friend. But that friend is mysteriously found dead as well.

If Gary killed the doctor as well as his friend, he would be off the hook for paying them back. But Gary is no murderer. It’s not in his nature. Or is it?

There are suspects aplenty in this murder mystery… a bitter ex-wife, a vengeful ex-companion of the male persuasion, and a number of pretty boys the slain doctor called friends.


Gary and Gordy flipped a coin to decide who would turn the lock. Gary won, of course, with his lucky two-headed silver dollar. With Gordy right behind him, Gary cleared his throat and flipped the switch, instantly flooding the room with white lights that twinkled with specks of blue, green, purple and pink.

“Damn, Gary! This homage to disco you’ve created could cause a stroke.”

“I will take that as a compliment,” Gary retorted, continuing to survey his domain.

That was nearly a year ago. Gary and Gordy had talked for years about opening a side business to their bustling careers as cardiologists. Gordy thought Gary was crazy when he talked of opening a salon. “Do you know anything at all about cutting and styling hair?”

“Of course I do. Well, I’ve watched. Okay, I grew up around it. Plus, I do know what looks good on me,” he said, as he ran his hand through his short, styled locks. “And you know how I love a good hair product. With my own salon, I can get anything I want… wholesale!”

Gordy shook his head but decided to give it a chance. Naming the salon caused a bit of a tiff between the lifelong friends. Gary wanted to name it Twisting Turner or Baxter’s Buns, but Gordy preferred something a little more staid, like No Fuss Beauty Salon.

“Gordy, my man,” Gary said, as he took him by the arm and led him around the sparkly salon, “with no fuss, there is no beauty,” raising his voice with each syllable.

“Well, it’s got to have a name,” Gordy retorted, none too happy that his idea had been outright rejected.

“And it has to be sexy, stunning, and jaw dropping, just like me,” Gary added, crossing his arms.

Brainstorming led to sleepless nights, name calling, and one time the two friends spent two whole days avoiding each other. Finally, they decided that since Gary was the face of the salon and the one who had gone to the effort of becoming a stylist, the name of the salon would be his choice, no matter how tacky.

“Hmm,” Gary said, as he stroked his imaginary goatee. “I’m thinking… I’m thinking… Scissors.”

“That’s it? Scissors?”

He gave Gordy a sneer. “Blades?”

“That sounds like a place to get sliced and diced.”

“Coronary cuts.”

“You’re joking, right? We’re not at the hospital.”

“Hmm,” Gary murmured, as he stared out the window.

“Damn it to… I’ve got it! The salon will be named Sassy’s, a salon experience.”

“But, Gary, that implies that Sassy is a person and the salon was named after that person.”

“Hmm… so it does, so it does. Give me another minute.”

Gary’s mind was flooded with ideas, though many of his ideas were not appropriate for a salon or any other professional establishment.

“I’ve got it, yes indeedy I do. The name of the salon will be Knotty’s. Underneath the name, the words ‘A Cut Above’.” Gordy liked the idea. It was naughty in a good way… a different spin on the word. A Cut Above was the perfect addition to the main name. Their salon would be a cut above the rest. Gary would demand it.

And their dream became a reality.

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Inside the Wagon

Inside the Wagon-200x300

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It started with a simple game…
Now the man who lay there like a god was her husband.
His father was ruthless, and she feared her husband would be just like him.
But she had no idea what awaited her inside his wagon.

“A word of wisdom for you, Luca,” she said. “In marriage, patience will be your best friend. Patience grows love and understanding. Quick pleasure leaves anger and resentment.”

It took Luca a moment to understand what she meant. She spoke of their wedding night, of their time in bed together. He frowned at her, uncertain of what to say. Virgins were new territory to him. The only carnal pleasure he had received in the past was from the well worn bodies of prostitutes.

“I understand,” he said.

“Good,” Jaelle said.

In another part of the world, Annie sat in her room and stared at herself in the mirror. She could still hear her father’s words from when she was a child. He had called her an unwanted child because she had been orphaned and left on their doorstep. She was not quite noble, yet not lower-class, but nonetheless the daughter of a nobleman simply because of the man who had adopted her. If she had been left on the doorstep of a pauper, she would have been shipped off to the circus or hung.

Soon… she would be the wife of a man she had never met!

Inside the Wagon can be found at Google Books, B&N, Kobo, Apple, and Amazon. Click to Purchase from B&N.


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Lusting (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 4)


Lusting (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 4)
A BDSM Erotic Romance
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LUSTING is Book 4 of the Hot New BDSM Series, Masked Emotions.
The King of S&M kicks it up a notch!

Enzio opens the New York Looking Glass to rave reviews, offering the best in the world of S&M, including the infamous Dom 241. Lana begged him to stay in Seattle, but he refused to be hurt by her again. Determined to be with him, Lana learns more about his world from one of the best Mistresses at The Looking Glass, and quickly becomes one of the best Subs in the world. She is a natural, unbreakable, which intrigues Enzio, who knows her only by her alter ego, as she wears a mask whenever she is in the club and speaks with a British accent. A show with her would be perfect for his club, so he asks Lana about her, causing Lana to become jealous of her alter ego, and she wonders if Enzio felt the same when she desired the demanding hands of Dom 241.

“Who’s your new Dom or Master? Maybe I know him.”

“Actually, it’s a Mistress,” she sighed, “And she has been teaching me a lot.”

“That’s great! Who is she?”

Lana became quiet and her mind began to race on a name. She diverted the question by saying, “Oh, you don’t know her. She’s new.”

He laughed, “Hey, have you met Trinity?”

Lana’s cheeks suddenly kissed pink like a spring rose, and the blooming color slowly turned deeper as her smile stretched further. “I’ve met her,” she said, “I swear she’s a bit anal, though. She never takes off her costume when she’s in the club.”

“How commendable.”

Lana raised an eyebrow and felt an immense jealousy building up inside her at the tone of his voice. He sounded impressed and interested.

“So what else is she like? I heard she’s unbreakable. Is it true? Who trained her? How long has she been at the club?”

The questions kept piling one after another, and Lana’s jealousy of her alter ego began to claw at her like a rat in a cage. Then she said something she instantly regretted. “She’s my Mistress.”

That set him off like a bloodhound. “SHE’S A SWITCH!” He sounded so excited, and Lana couldn’t help but smile. “I was supposed to come to Seattle in two weeks for graduation, but I might come sooner to see her at work as a Mistress.”

“Wait, what?!” she yelped, but then she heard a sudden commotion coming from the other end of the line.

“Hey Lana, I have to go. I’ll see you at the end of the week.”

The second he hung up, Lana jumped out of bed. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” She ran down the stairs and into the office to rummage through the instructional videos that Enzio had made. Just as she was about to run back upstairs, the door opened and she looked up at the woman and smiled before saying, “I need your help.”


“Please Enzio, punish me,” she whispered as she looked into his eyes. She missed being under his control. She desperately needed him, and with every breath she wanted him. “Please punish me,” she whispered again as he kissed her neck and slowly moved up to her lips. “I have toys in the nightstand by my bed.”

He took her and spun her around, wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. He leaned over and nibbled on her earlobe before lightly kissing her neck. “No toys,” he whispered. He moved down to her shoulders. “No fake names, Trinity.”

“You know?” she panted.

He pulled her to the bed as she breathed heavily.

“Lusting” (Masked Emotions Book 4), BDSM erotic romance by V.E. Campudoni, is available from Amazon. Click to Purchase. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website: http://www.beautobeau.com.

The beautiful cover was designed by Syneca Featherstone, and features model Jimmy Thomas.

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Longing (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 2)


Longing (The Masked Emotions Series: Book 2)
A BDSM Erotic Romance
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Enzio’s longing for Lana is an endless, aching need. She is his drug. But Lana wants Enzio as her loving Master, and Dom 241 as the masked brute of a man who takes her roughly and shows her no mercy as he exhausts her sexually. She craves the beast with the bullwhip, and willingly accepts complimentary tickets to The Looking Glass.

As the night’s captive at a party at The Looking Glass, Lana is blindfolded by Dom 241 and escorted to the center of a bed, where he ties her arms and legs to the four posts with a nylon rope. “I think you deserve a reward,” he says as he unbuttons his pants and moves between her legs. The muscular Dom with the sculpted body looms over her, ready to reward her as only he can.

While Lana struggles between two Doms, Enzio confronts old demons, and enemies begin to surface. A dangerous, obsessed client stalks him, and a competitor’s club threatens his multi-million dollar business.

Lana stared at his tight abs and chest before moving up to his masked face. She gazed into his strong eyes and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a collar. “As of this moment, I am your Master,” he spoke sternly into her ear, “You will obey all of my orders and refer to me as Dom. Do you understand?”

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded. He pulled the leash and Lana stumbled toward him. “Welcome to the Gala experience,” he growled. “Why are you here, Darling?” he asked.

Lana didn’t know what to say as she watched him walk to the door in the private room and click the lock. He turned to look at her and she felt a chill through her veins. “I won’t ask you again,” he growled. She tried to say something, but nothing came out. She felt his hands on her waist and he ran his fingers over her butt. Lana was shaking, and he pulled her hair. “I asked you a question, Darling,” his voice boomed.

“I…I was curious,” she stuttered.

“About what?”

“I was curious about you, Master.”

“I am not you Master!” he yelled. “You are already claimed. Call me Dom.”

She hesitated briefly. “Yes, Dom.”

“Does your Master satisfy you?”

“Yes, Dom.”

“Is your Master a good Master?”

“Oh yes, Dom, he’s wonderful.” Her words caused him to smile.

“Then I will ask you one last time, Darling, why are you here?”

She didn’t answer.

“What is it that you want from me that your Master cannot give to you, Lana?”

Still she didn’t answer.

“You have no safe word today,” he softly said, placing a blindfold over her eyes.

“Longing” (The Masked Emotions Series Book 2), BDSM erotic romance by V.E. Campudoni, is available from Amazon (KDP Select). Click to Purchase. Also available in print from Amazon. Our website: http://www.beautobeau.com.

The beautiful cover was designed by Syneca Featherstone, and features the very sexy Jimmy Thomas.

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A Werewolf’s Wife

Erotic Historical Romance

Erotic Historical Romance

After Tanya’s father dies, Tanya must find a way to obtain money for her and her mother. Unfortunately, everyone in her town is hungry, and there is not enough charity to feed her family. Tanya is forced to enter a relationship with Sir William, a cruel but wealthy man. Years later, her mother becomes betrothed to another, and Tanya realizes that this is the chance she has been waiting for. The chance to be free. Unfortunately, she does not expect Sir William’s vow, a vow that if she will not be his, he will kill her. Tanya flees the town and travels to a distant village, where she finds a note in a bar asking for a new servant at a wealthy estate. Overjoyed, she heads to the estate, but halfway there she is bitten by a rabid wolf. Her leg is covered in blood and she is overcome with pain when a strange, attractive man comes to her rescue. It is the owner of the estate, Leon. As Leon houses Tanya at his estate and the young woman’s bond with him becomes more than friendship, Tanya comes to realize that he is more than a man. He is someone far more dangerous.

Leon lay in his bed, fighting the urges which erupted in his being. He could picture Tanya in bed next to him in naught but a sheer white nightgown, her flowing hair draped around her like a veil. This was exactly why it was a bad idea to have a woman in his estate with him. Yes, he oftentimes felt the hand of devilish arousal at night, but it was only an empty dream. As he gripped the bed, he continued to imagine Tanya next to him. The fantasy became so intense he could swear he could smell her in the room with him. There was something erotic about the goddess, Tanya.

“A Werewolf’s Wife,” erotic romance by Chloe Glint, is available in the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon stores, Kobo ebooks, Bookstrand, Sony, All Romance ebooks, and Coffeetime Romance. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com. Also available in print from Amazon.

For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Cover Above.

Below are a few individual links to “A Werewolf’s Wife” in the iBookstores, by country:

https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/a-werewolfs-wife/id597228107?mt=11 – Australia
https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/a-werewolfs-wife/id597228107?mt=11 – Great Britain
https://itunes.apple.com/ie/book/a-werewolfs-wife/id597228107?mt=11 – Ireland
https://itunes.apple.com/nz/book/a-werewolfs-wife/id597228107?mt=11 – New Zealand

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Royal Rogue

Royal Rogue

Erotic Fiction

Serena has searched the world for her first lover, the man she is determined to be with again.  With a clever disguise, she lands a job in the company owned by none other than the elusive man himself.  Traveling the world, his world, yachting and vacationing on the playgrounds of the rich and famous, Serena is charmed by a man who seems too good to be true.  Living the highlife, the naïve young woman is unaware that her every move is being watched as well as planned.

Serena licked her lips and before she knew it, Grimaldi had his lips on hers again and he pulled her tongue slowly into his mouth.  The man knew what he was doing and he was good at it.  He kissed the young woman like a lover, with passion, and when he tried to ease away teasingly, Serena pulled him down and he slid an arm beneath her back.  At last, he placed a firm hand on Serena’s inner thigh, pushing the sundress upward. 

“I can take you to the heights of ecstasy, Serena.  You will allow me?” 

Serena’s eyes opened just barely, but he knew she wanted him.  They both knew it.  “Yes,” she whispered. 

Just like in the movies, Grimaldi lifted her into his arms and carried her up the stairs to his very personal and very private rooms.


Yes, this was what he had been promised.  The woman was beyond his expectations of money well spent.  She pulled him into her and he moved slowly at first, enjoying the unseasoned feast.  Serena ran her hands along her lover’s chest, feeling the muscles of his chest and stomach tense and then relax.

Royal Rogue is available in the 32 Apple iBookstores.  For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the Picture Above.

Below are a few individual links to “Royal Rogue” in the iBookstores, by country:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/ie/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – Ireland

http://itunes.apple.com/ch/book/royal-rogue/id526815848?mt=11 – Switzerland

Royal Rogue is also available at Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Amazon, All Romance ebooks, Bookstrand and Coffeetime Romance.  Feel free to visit us at http://www.beautobeau.com.  

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My Son’s Wife

My Son's Wife

Erotic Fiction

Shyla and her fiancée have been living together for a year, but this is the first time that she has met his father.  The distinguished older version of his son is very affectionate, hugging Shyla and kissing her neck.  When the man’s girlfriend and Shyla go shopping for lingerie, she learns the intimate details of his unusual sexual desires and she begins to wonder if the father is as good as the son.  She tries to erase the erotic thoughts of the sexy older man from her mind, but whenever she sees him she thinks of him doing to her what he loves doing to his girlfriend.  Alone one night, the distinguished older gentleman makes Shyla a very unusual offer. 

Shyla went downstairs to get a glass of water.  She passed the master bedroom on her way to the kitchen, but she quickly took a step backward when Theo’s father caught her eye.  She stood beside the door and watched as the older man stood in his underwear on the far side of the room.  He wore bikini type underwear which surprised her.  They looked expensive, probably made by some French designer, and they barely covered him.  She could see the reflection in the mirror and she could not stop staring.  The pouch in the front was full and the man’s body looked too good for a middle-aged man. 


Shyla went upstairs and tried on the leather outfit.  She pulled her hair up and then let it fall back down.  She looked good either way.  She took the leather lingerie off and tucked it away.  She lay in bed and was soon asleep. 

She awoke to total darkness.  “What time is it, Theo?”  There was no Theo.  It was past nine.  “I slept for four hours.”  Shyla went downstairs to see if anyone was around.  She didn’t see anyone, but she heard the shower in the master bedroom.  She walked into the bedroom, but it wasn’t Max in the shower.  The steam was thick, but she was sure that it was Theo.

My Son’s Wife is available in the 32 Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

Below are a few individual links to “My Son’s Wife” in the iBookstores, by country:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/no/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – Norway

http://itunes.apple.com/ch/book/my-sons-wife/id471362705?mt=11 – Switzerland


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Fisting a Lady

Fisting a Lady

Erotic Fiction

Nikki and her roommate are two of a kind.  Their past sexual escapades are the stuff of triple X rated movies.  Lately, however, the two young women have hit a bit of a dry spell.  Wishing to spice things up more than just a little, Nikki’s roommate recommends something a little out of the ordinary.  Nikki is shocked at her roommate’s suggestion, but she is also a woman who will try anything once, especially if it involves sex. 

Nikki poured them both a glass of wine.  She was going to need a little liquid assistance for this date.  Less than thirty minutes had passed when they heard a knock on the door.  Kim got up, smoothed her skirt down over her naked crotch, and opened the door.  She was not expecting what she found on the other side.  Two men stood in the doorway, two gorgeous men, muscular, toned and tanned.


Nikki could hear her roommate and her sex king as they headed for the bed.  Nikki was already naked from the waist down again, but when she heard the snap of a belt from across the room she wanted to look up and see Abe naked.  She couldn’t help but notice the bulge he had walked in with.  She almost envied Kim, but she hadn’t seen all that Jack had brought with him yet. 

“You wanna watch?” 

Nikki was shocked at Jack’s question.  “What?” 

“Come on, honey.  I know what you’re looking at.”  He picked her up and carried her to the bed, but his hand never left her crotch.  He held her on his lap, pulling her legs up and apart.  “Got a good view?” 

Fisting a Lady is available in the 32 Apple iBookstores.  For the iBookstore U.S. link, click on the picture above.

Below are a few individual links to “Fisting a Lady” in the iBookstores, by country:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/f-g-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/f-g-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/f-g-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/f-g-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/de/book/fisting-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – Germany

http://itunes.apple.com/fr/book/fisting-a-lady/id467913513?mt=11 – France

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Deep Inside Her

Deep Inside Her
Erotic Fiction

The two of them met six months ago and have worked together since.  Malia had promised that the two of them could be friends and nothing more, but how can she resist the man who knows her like no other man?  With a key to his apartment, on a whim one night Malia decides to do the unthinkable and surprise him, really surprise him.  As she tiptoes quietly toward his bedroom she thinks she hears his voice and perhaps one other.  Malia is certain that he and his girlfriend broke it off months ago, but are they now back together?  She clumsily stubs her toe just as she reaches his bedroom door, and she hears nothing but a heavy silence after that.

Malia was doing the unthinkable.  She was much too serious to do this, too straight-laced.  Besides, she had promised him that they would just be good friends.  But that had been months ago, before he had broken up with his girlfriend.  So much for promises, but Malia was not made of stone.  She was only flesh and blood.  The two of them had met when they had both shown up to interview for the same job.  When they had both been hired, they worked together very well.  They had so much in common.  His name was Antwon, but he had decided years ago that he liked being called Andy better.  He said it was easier to get laid as Andy.


Malia stepped quietly into the bedroom.  No one was there except Andy.  What a relief!  She would have died if she had walked in on him and his ex in bed together.  Malia whispered his name.  “Andy.”  He shifted just a little in his sleep.  She whispered again, “Andy.”  This time he opened his eyes.  She was standing there naked, her breasts exposed along with her curvy body.  Andy had never seen Malia naked before, but he had thought about it often.  He was aroused beyond belief as he stared at her.  He sat up and blinked a few times to make sure that she was real and not just the object of one of his many erotic dreams about her.

Deep Inside Her is available in the Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

Below are individual links to “Deep Inside Her” in six of the 32 iBookstores, by country:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/de/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – Germany

http://itunes.apple.com/fr/book/deep-inside-her/id466319565?mt=11 – France


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Cougar Tamers

Cougar Tamers
Erotic Fiction

The cougar of all cougars, Sally was the envy of her circle of friends when she married a gorgeous man nearly twenty years her junior.  Clint knew that Sally was one hot woman, but he had no idea just how hot.  He also knew about the wild parties she loved to throw.  After all, they had met at one of her parties.  When Sally introduces her young husband to one of her cougar friends and her young new husband, Clint soon realizes that he has entered a whole new level of wild.  Cougar taming may be dangerous to his health.

No husband had it better than Sally’s.  Clint was twenty-nine and he worked out three times a week just to keep in shape for Sally’s wild sexual demands.  Sally, on the other hand, seemed to be born fit.  Her body was perfect and she definitely was not afraid to flaunt it.  She wore tight fitting tops that showed off her abundant cleavage, and she was no stranger to fitted pants and leggings that showed off her well toned legs.  Her blonde hair had none of the pesky gray strands that her friends now noticed on their own heads, and her blue eyes were just as bright as they had been when she was a young girl. 


Clint opened the front door and rushed her inside.  “Hurry, they will be here any minute,” he said, as he led her down the hallway to their bedroom.  He stopped at the doorway and kissed her passionately, lifting her off the floor.  Sally giggled like a young girl whenever he did this.  She kissed him on the top of his head before she hid on the opposite side of the bed so that she could hear everything.  Clint left her alone and waited at the front door.  Sally waited anxiously as she sat on the floor in the bedroom between the bed and the wall.  She wished they would hurry.  The longer she waited, the hornier she got.  She reached between her thighs and hiked up her skirt. 

Then she heard the voices.  It was Clint along with the couple they had met a week ago.  They had known as soon as they had met them that the cougar and her young husband would be the perfect new couple for them to invite over.  Sally’s heart was beating faster than ever before, but that was what made these afternoon sex invites so hot.  She peeked around the foot of the bed and saw Clint with his pants undone already. 

Cougar Tamers is available in the Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

Below are individual links to “Cougar Tamers” in just a few of the many iBookstores.  As you may know, there are now more than 30 iBookstores, many added recently.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – U.S.

http://itunes.apple.com/au/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Australia

http://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Canada

http://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Great Britain

http://itunes.apple.com/de/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Germany

http://itunes.apple.com/fr/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – France

http://itunes.apple.com/it/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Italy

http://itunes.apple.com/ie/book/cougar-tamers/id465966066?mt=11 – Ireland

The following countries were also recently added:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy (above), Ireland (above), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Latvia, Romania, Slavakia, Spain, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.

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